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Why should one take Tissue Salts?

With the natural support of Dr Schuessler’s Tissue Salts you can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Tissue Salts are called ‘the building bricks of life’. Take them when you are running out of energy or feeling tired, when you have a splitting headache or when you have eaten something not agreeing with you.

You will immediately feel the benefit of this natural minerals. They are manufactured with the carrier of lactose but without any chemical additives. Even administering them to babies and animals is safe and can produce spectacular results.

Tissue Salts can be absorbed immediately because they have been diluted many times, hence they do not need to be broken down via the digestive system, as they can straight away enter the bloodstream and the cells, where the minerals replenish the deficiencies and restore the natural balance in our body.

Orthodox medicine is really able to do incredible things, but it is a trauma medicine, which suppresses symptoms. But for the healing process and complete convalescence we need to address the cause, easiest with the support of minerals occurring naturally in our body. Tissue Salts always can be combined with any orthodox medical treatment, the minerals will not interfere with medication, but always support the metabolism of our entire body, which is essential for proper healing.

This natural form of medicine is about analysing which minerals are lacking in the organism, establishing the cause, thereby being able to temporarily supplement the required tissue salts in order to stimulate the cell system. Increasing the own natural defence mechanism of our organism by assisting in the prevention of illness.

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