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The effect of Tissue Salts

Inorganic minerals are the foundation of the earth structure as well as the human's body composition! This means, that our bodies are made from those endogenous substances – for that our system knows them very well and due to that, they have a high bioavailability.

General information

Due to the many information on the internet, some people get confused about the tissue salt therapy and facial signs. There are people working with Tissue Salts and then publish their own experience and often disregard the original, created by Dr Schuessler; some others gain their knowledge from Homeopathy, which is very different from Dr Schuessler’s method of healing.


Biochemistry is not Homeopathy!

Schuessler states in his ‘Abbreviated Therapy’ that his cure is not a homoeopathic one, as it is not based on the principles of similarity, but on mineral deficiencies in the human organism.
Schuessler’s biochemical cure is addressing disturbances – caused by molecule movements of the inorganic matter in the human organism – and balances this via homogenous matters.
Homoeopathy is using heterogeneous substances for their purpose to heal which is acting indirectly.

If a remedy is chosen to the law of similarity it is a homoeopathic remedy.
If the remedy is homogenous to the minerals of the organism and the application is based on physiological chemistry, it is a biochemical remedy. Homeopathy is working with constitutional agents and high potencies and their remedies are treated differently to Tissue Salts.

Dr Schuessler’s Biochemistry is only using D6 and D12 trituration, which is a process of grinding the raw minerals with lactose (as the best carrier) in 6 or 12 steps. The biochemical trituration in D6 or D12 is similar to the potency, but this is the only common thing between Tissue Salts and Homeopathy.
According to Dr Schuessler the proper manufacturing of Calc fluor, Ferr phos and Silicea will result in D12, all remaining numbers in D6; the higher numbers 13-33 must all be prepared in D12.

The analogy of a trituration
If a wooden part of a house has broken down, such as a door or a window frame, it is not sufficient to bring in the branch of a tree to use in repair work. The raw wood must first be seasoned and refined into lumber before it will harmonize with the material of which the house was built. 

Similarly if we would provide the raw mineral elements to our system it wouldn’t be successful, as the body couldn’t tolerate or utilize the offered macro elements.
Therefore Dr Schuessler stated, that those macro minerals need to be triturated into tiny energized micro molecules in order to be integrated into the body’s structure.

Difference to Vitamins and food supplements

The vast important difference to any other supplement, vitamin or even food is the fact, that Tissue Salts are circumnavigating the digestive tract. Tissue Salts are being absorbed via mucous membranes into the bloodstream directly into their working place in the cells. Everything else needs to be broken down for assimilation and digestion.
Vitamins and supplements have no potency, they are regarded as macro, as well as the trace minerals. Some of them are essential – they need to be supplied via organic food stuff - if not administered adequately it will lead to mineral deficiencies and health disturbances.
For proper absorption of Vitamins and food supplements, one needs to have sufficient micro minerals (Tissue Salts) available, else the body can’t brake them down – and you will have the most expensive pipi.

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