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The biochemical consultation

In Biochemistry we are not working with a man’s constitution, but I will talk and listen carefully to you and analyze your facial signs as well as your physical problems, I will include the psychosomatic situation and all together is guiding me to the summary of mineral deficiencies. A Facial Analysis and Tissue Salt consultation needs 1-1,5 h. You will receive your personal dosage plan as a reflection of your current health situation, based on your mineral deficiencies.

An integral part of my holistic consultation is the home check for EMR, Geopathic Stress Zones, exposure to health hazards and much more.

In Biochemistry we are not naming illnesses – we call them health disturbances – as due to mineral deficiencies some functions have been impaired. We will see in your face the deficiencies that could have led to your current state of health.

The A-Z guide with 700 different ailments in my book ‘Second chance – regain health with Tissue Salts’ (ISBN 978-0-620-43937-4) should then only represent a ‘first aid’ for your self-help.


Dr Wilhelm H. Schuessler detected, that the lack of minerals reflects as a disturbance in the body as well as in the face of a person. He understood Facial Analysis as an art and for him, all such signs were clear indications of an impending disorder.

His followers Dr Kurt Hickethier and Mrs W Sonner established the Facial Analysis (Sonnerschau) and published a book in 1936. Facial Analysis proved that every disease causes certain mineral deficiencies, which can be read in the face. These deficiencies can be corrected by applying Tissue Salts.
This therapy experienced a growth of popularity in the last few years. For obvious reasons, the Facial Analysis has been rediscovered and Dr Schuessler’s Tissue Salts have proved to be so successful that they survived over a century of medical advancement.
This happened maybe because of the fact that the Tissue Salts are working with the cause and not only with the symptoms.

The English biologist Professor Thomas Huxley stated in the 18th century that the body is a machine of the nature of an army (not of that of a watch or of a hydraulic apparatus). Of this army, each cell is a soldier, an organ a brigade, the central nervous system head-quarters and field telegraph, the alimentary and circulatory system the commissariat.
Losses are made good, by recruits, born in camp, and the life of the individual is a campaign; conducted successfully for a number of years, but with certain defeat in the long run.
(Abridged Therapeutics, WH Schuessler, 1884)


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