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Tissue Salts are not salts

The (macro) minerals for manufacturing Tissue Salts are found in rocks and soil and therefore completely natural. Dr Schuessler realised, that if he would provide the found macro minerals to the human body, it wont be able to utilize them, as they need to be broken down first in order to refill the empty deposits. He started to made the minerals by trituration smaller and smaller until they appeared as energized inorganic micro minerals with the ability to enter the minute aperture of the cells. Such tiny minerals need a carrier in order to reach the target and according to Dr Schuessler Lactose is the optimal one.

The loss of minerals 

There are many reasons why we loose minerals, i.e. through stress, worry, hectic life styles, wrong nutrition, industrially tainted foodstuffs, Electro-Magnetic-Radiation (cell phones, microwaves, computers), Geopathic Stresszones and environmental toxins (e.g. insecticides, pesticides, preservatives etc), as well as exposure to heavy metals such as amalgam dental fillings, lead, aluminium, contaminated drinking water. Not to forget the impact of Chemtrails (geo-engineering) into our skies, which is poisoning the air we breathe, the water we drink and our health (too many Nanoparticles of Aluminium and Barium are found in the human blood)  ... and so the list could go on endlessly.

Our body chemistry 

Inorganic minerals are the foundation of the Earth structure AND the human body’s composition! This means, that our bodies are made from those endogenous substances – for that our system knows them very well and due to that, they have a high bioavailability.

 The analysis of our body chemistry shows that
over 98% of all body tissue consists of 14 elements.

12 elements are included in the 12 Tissue Salts:
6 positive and 6 negative what makes them neutral
(plus Carbon and Nitrogen)

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