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FAQ about Tissue Salts

There are many rumors going around and nobody knows where they are originated. I will list some of them below.

Silicea: will eliminate implants and pacemakers from the system.
It is not true. But it is possible to remove something (i.e. splinters, grass-seeds) that came from outside into the skin, but not something that has been implanted.

Natrium muriaticum: should only be taken a max. of 3 tablets daily.
If you are on a chemical high blood pressure medication, it is advisable to be careful in the beginning by taking this Tissue Salt. But your practitioner will guide you through the process, so you will not have any reactions, but maybe later could get rid of chemicals.

Tissue Salts are salty:
and with high blood pressure you shouldn’t take them.
Wrong, they are energized micro minerals and not salt.

Tissue Salts don’t taste nice:
Wrong they actually are very pleasant to take. If you are very deficient, they will taste in the beginning very sweet and another sign of deficiencies is, that they dissolve very fast. Kids love Tissue Salts as they might be an alternative to sweets … as well as for some adults.

Do never use a metal spoon for Tissue Salts:
With a trituration of max D12 are still lots of solid minerals available and the use of a metal spoon will not affect Tissue Salts, but it will with Homeopathy as these is more energy-oriented.

There are only lactose based Tissue Salts:
This is true, as the original Tissue Salts according to the founder Dr Schuessler are created that way. However there are options available which differ from the original: Lactose-free Tissue Salt tablets and dilutions (based on alcohol).

5 drops of a dilution or 5 lactose-free Globuli = 1 Tissue Salt tablet.

There are only 12 Tissue Salts:
Wrong, today we know thanks to the tireless research work of the biochemical associations in Europe 33 Tissue Salts, all present in the human body. But the so called higher numbers are only present in minute quantities.

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