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How to take Tissue Salts

In principle, all Tissue Salts may be combined with each other and taken throughout the day. The absorbing of the active ingredients happened in the body through the mouth and the laryngeal mucous membranes.

The more urgently the body needs the Tissue Salts, the faster they dissolve or the sweeter they taste. This can also happen simultaneously.

There are different possibilities

  1. Take the required amount of tablets for the day from the different bottles, put them into a separate dish and shake. You can take this mixture during the day – let one after the other dissolve in your mouth before you swallow.
  2. The minerals may also be dissolved in a bottle of still water and the solution taken in small sips. Keep each sip in the mouth as long as possible.
  3. Diabetics or Lactose intolerant people must dissolve the Tissue Salts. (48 tablets equal one bread unit!) In this case, first put water in a wide container, then carefully put the tablets in, don’t stir. After waiting for ½ hour or longer the minerals have dissolved and absorbed into the water. Now pour carefully the solution thru a paper filter into another dish to avoid any lactose - the white residue you may throw away – the solution is now ready to take.
  4. Tissue Salts may be given to babies: dissolve the tablets with very little water and put pulp in baby’s mouth; or into the bottle.
  5. You may give Tissue Salts of course also to animals. Adapt the amount to the size of the animal. Many dogs like e.g. to lick the pulp of Tissue Salts from your hands or you may dissolve them in water and mix it with the food. Online course 'Animals & Tissue Salts'.


In acute cases, one tablet may be dissolved in the mouth every 3 to 5 minutes. In cases of chronic disturbance, 7 to 10 of each recommended tablets a day, and all other cases dissolve one tablet in the mouth every 2 hours, or as your consultant recommended.

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