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Dr Schuessler’s discovery

Health is the quantitative equilibrium of the content of minerals in the body. The onset of any illness only happens through an imbalance of tissue salts – Dr W.H. Schuessler (1821-1898).

W.H. Schuessler, born in 1821 in Germany, was a homeopathic doctor. More than a century ago he discovered that the human body is built from 12 minerals plus carbon and nitrogen.
Those minerals are responsible for the construction of the cells, the metabolism, an intact immune system, the power of regeneration and detoxification and many more tasks.He called his discovery the “biochemical” way of healing or “Biochemistry” (based upon “Bios” which is Greek for “life” and “Chemistry” the science of the elements in nature).


His conclusion was that these minerals must always be present in sufficient quantity, in the human body, in order to lead a healthy life. For Schuessler the word ‘illness’ meant that the human cells were unable to absorb the food, which inevitably leads to a disturbed metabolism.

Having discovered what caused the mineral deficiencies in the human body, Schuessler started looking for a remedy that could reverse these damaging factors. Most of all, he wanted to find a healing process, so easy to understand that each and every one of us would be able to use it. Having extracted his minerals from medicinal springs and from stone powder, Dr Schuessler then diluted them to enhance their healing potential. Finally he mixed them with a carrier - in his opinion lactose was the best option - in order to make them easily absorbable for human consumption via mucous membranes into bloodstream directly into the cells.

At Schuessler’s time the soil of normal farmland still contained more than a 100 different minerals on 1 m2. Today, this same soil contains less than 10 different minerals. You easily will understand which influence this has on the quality of our food and our health. In addition, we now have an increase of electrical and chemical pollution of our environment.

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