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Craving and refusing

Cravings for certain food is a clear sign of mineral deficiencies and by following the craving, we lose also lots of minerals. Because of the fact that Tissue Salts have a regulating effect, we need them in each case: if we are craving for some food stuff - or smoking or alcohol - or we refuse it.

Lets look at an example:

One loves dark chocolate and eats a lot of it. This is a sign of a deficiency i.e. of Magnesium on a cellular level (micro). The deficiency causes the craving for dark chocolate what contains Magnesium (macro). But the assimilation and digestion of chocolate needs lots of micro Magnesium on a cellular level, thus more craving will occur. More chocolate one eats, bigger the deficiency in the cells will grow. When one refills the shortage in the cells with Tissue Salts - what I highly would recommend - the craving will get less and less, until it disappears, because the mineral level is becoming balanced.

You are in charge of what you put into your body!

And all parents shouldn’t forget, that they are also in charge of what their children put in their bodies!

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