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A short summary of testimonials from clients, students and consultants:

F. Z. Durban

Just thought I'd let you know that lately my husband was undergoing a lot of stress at work and was feeling down. I felt it was a deficiency of Tissue Salt # 6 Kali phos; so I read to him the psychosomatic symptoms of the deficiency and he was intrigued.
He tried the Tissue Salts and was amazed at the change in his sense of wellbeing the very next day. He has been taking them of his own accord ever - whereas previously I had to remind him to take them. Thank you for introducing this information to me.

H.B-W., Port Elizabeth

After attending your course and talking to you about my 3 year old grand daughter who was ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE and throwing "Oscar-winning" tantrums, you told me to put her onto Kali Phos (no. 6) which I did immediately. It was like we had an INSTANT turn around and we are on day 10 now without one performance or tantrum. Her teacher at play school has also confirmed the amazing turnaround in her behaviour and participation at school.

N.N., Johannesburg

What I've learnt in the Level 1 course Tissue Salts & Facial Analysis has been very beneficial to my health and other people as we have made TS part of their daily diet.
The ‘Hot 8’ is a clear favorite by far; it healed a man who thought that he was going to die soon because of a chronic migraine. He had been to hospitals and got no remedy so he stopped going to work because he could work anymore. He was just lying in bed thinking that he was going to dye from the migraine soon.
When he took the Tissue Salts (No 8 Magnesium phosphoricum) it was like a miracle, he recovered so quickly he was able to return to work the following day. He and his wife could not believe it. When I heard this story I was pleasantly surprised myself.

R.v.H., Limpopo

One of my female clients (35 years) have been using anti-inflammatory medication for a few years for rheumatoid arthritis. She started using her personal mixture of Tissue Salts in December 2012. For the past 3 months she hasn't been taking any medication, not even pain killers and said that the pain is still there but much more bearable than before TS! She also feels more hopeful.


 High blood pressure / Insomnia / P. S. Limpopo

A client used the Tissue salt mixture for High Blood Pressure for a month. Her medical doctor could not understand what happened, as her blood pressure and cholesterol were suddenly normal! She is so happy not to use the “poison” (blood pressure medication) anymore. She is only using the Tissue Salt High Blood Pressure mixture.

A client was complaining of insomnia. He woke up at one o’clock every night and couldn't fall asleep again. Within one week after taking his Personal Tissue Salt mixture, he is sleeping like a baby – right through the night!!!

Successful racing pigeons / T.M. Durban

About 3 or 4 weeks ago, my dad bought a Sports Mix for his racing pigeons. He has been sprinkling a bit on their food everyday and on Sunday 2 of them came in at 2nd and 3rd in a race (which they didn't before.) He's VERY happy and this just proves how quickly Tissue Salts work! I'm so intrigued and impressed.
I would also just like to thank you again for everything. Tissue Salts have changed my life drastically - on a personal and professional level. I'm feeling so good! So thank you.

Cure for Nappy Rash/ A.V. Johannesburg

My baby started having bad nappy rash with his 4th tooth – which did not want to break through and was going on for 2 weeks. All the best creams only acted as a barrier – but not soothe his poor bottom which was red and sore so I applied Tissue Salt Creams No 4 and No 10 the one evening and wow – the next morning the Nappy Rash was gone. The same thing the next night – by the end of the day his bum was red and sore, I applied the 2 Tissue Salt creams after his bath and by the next morning his bottom was clear and soft and free of any nappy rash signs.

Stamina & Concentration / S.B., Cape Town

I've been using No 8 Mag Phos for exam preparation. It's effect is amazing. I concentrate day and night 12 hours in one week. No more headaches and neck strains and my brain feels fresh, only the eyes slumber.
Thanks a lot for your guidance.

My Tissue Salt journey

I am 40 years old and my story starts with me being curious... Denise told me about the Tissue Salts designed and mixed per individual needs. This definitely sounded great to me and so the journey started. My initial need was to solve the aches and pains in my hips. Denise completed an assessment and sorted me out with Tissue Salts and instructions. I can say with a huge smile and loads of gratitude that my hips are no longer aching.
During this time we were also investigating fertility treatment options as we were told that we could not have children. Denise also factored that in. After 6 failed fertility treatments before Tissue Salts, we decided to try one more procedure after I had been on the Tissue Salts for a few months. We opted to try one ICSI. And thank the Lord it worked. I continued with the Tissue Salts.
During every step of my pregnancy Denise also altered my salts as the pregnancy progressed. I am now the proud mother of a 3 week old gorgeous, baby girl.
The Tissue Salts provided all essentials my baby and I needed. I managed to give birth naturally. Our little princess was born without any marks, bruises or wrinkles. Her color was great. And I healed quickly after taking special Tissue Salt combination for my recovery. My doctor is also amazed to see how well and fast I healed.
I also have my figure back. Well, I actually look and feel better than ever! I now have Tissue Salts for my baby too. I will always take my Tissue Salts with a smile as I can see the difference it has made in my life and I know it will continue to do so. Thank you so very much!

Corle Venter

Allergies / P.S.

I have treated one of my clients (age 28 years) many times with herbs, and nutritional information in the past, as she is allergic to about all foods for her entire life. Again she was asking for help when she was in a very bad stage. For the first time now I suggested Tissue Salts. She was very sceptical also now and them she is using them. I gave her the ‘ATIFA Allergy mixture’.

After a month she contacted me again and I was thinking what now? But what I heard was incredible. She could not stop thanking me for the huge improvement. She can eat anything and do not get a reaction. She was also very honest and told me she tried all the foods she could not eat in years actually since birth. Some gave her a reaction after two weeks and others not at all. She ordered her second ‘Allergy mix’. I also suggested very strongly that this time she has to strictly re-program her immune system by repeating all foods only every fourth day for six months. My treatment plan is to repeat the ‘Allergy mix’ for a third time, then do a Facial Analysis and prepare a personal mixture with all 27 Tissue Salt Powders.

Sneezing cat / YdB, Pretoria

A client of mine gave her Sinusitis mix to her cat on her food because she was sneezing & had the sniffles. After 3 days she was better & is no longer sneezing. The client thought the problem came from the cat lying on a dusty surface.

Bee stings / D. W. Harare/Zimbabwe

I had to share my recent experience on a couple of bee stings I had last week….
I was stung by two bees on the same toe last week Wed at the same time, and usually I swell very quickly and to a large degree, so looking down at my already in minutes very red and swollen toe thought to myself let me see what tissue salts to use. I started on a mix of No 4 Ferrum phos, 9 Natrium mur and 2 Calcium phos both internally and externally doing foot baths very often and taking the mix every ½ hour.
I could not believe after one foot bath how the redness was almost gone and the swelling was disappearing before my eyes. I was sitting smiling away, could not actually believe it as I said I usually react rather badly, I was running around showing everyone I came across.
The next day continued with the internal and external applications although not as often, very pleased that there was no trace at all of any sting, not even the little red dot where they went in.
Day three started the itching and I was again relieved that the external applications sorted that out fairly quickly.
On the whole I am amazed and so happy, as I now know what to use on myself and my one daughter in the event of another sting.
Thank you Eva for introducing me to these little miracles.

L. W. Queenstown

Some feedback. My husband and I have been on the TS for 2,5 months now and wow what a difference.
My anxiety is almost gone. I have much more energy and feel rested in the mornings. Mark has suffered from severe shoulder pains since Sept 2011. Dr said it was frozen shoulder, common to people age 50, possibly due to calcium build up and acidity. Today he is 95 percent pain free and has his shoulder mobility back. He still has very dry skin with many growths/ warts. Progress is being made.
My daughter of 23yrs has suffered from very irregular menstrual cycle (90 plus days). After being on TS for a month her cycle was 35 days and she too feels so much more energetic - amazing.
I have my elderly parents, 89 and 86 yrs also on TS. Using the sleeping mixture for Dad with very good results.
I have a pregnant mommy on the pregnancy mix - 6mths pregnant. She feels well on TS.
I also have a fitness fanatic on the extended power mix- he cannot stop commenting on his increase in stamina and energy. Recovery period after exercise is quick.

Gx, Garden Route

I just want to say those Tissue Salts are amazing. On the anxiety side its just made such a difference I have not woken up with a panic attack in the last 2 weeks. Bliss. And the (No 4) anti inflammatory sorted out the glands but has made one heck of a difference to my back at night (that's the only time I really feel it) I can turn over without really battling. Joins are a lot better still a bit stiff when I first get up but better. SO can I stay on them with no problems. Boy you better than any cwack and its natural.

AvdW's client

Just to let you know how the first couple of weeks on your mix have been.
My thyroid is definitely working again, and more smoothely. The yellow colour (esp in my hands) has mostly disappeared, although it does seem to come and go a bit. It will be good to get this stabilised, and I think another month or two will do this.
My skin seems to be different, but I'm not sure how to describe how. The dark circles are clearing and I'm not feeling quite so physically tired.

My daughter, now nearly 4 years old:
Prior to returning to Johannesburg from Europe when my daughter was 2,5 years old she had never been sick except for having a mild cold. If so she was treated with homeopathy (treating the symptoms). On arriving to South Africa, change of climate, she got successive colds resulting in taking antibiotics twice within 3 months, to my utter devastation!

My mom:
My mom who has been physically disabled for 26 years and on chronic medication is very susceptible to catching colds, once resulting in a life threatening pneumonia.

After 1 years returning to Johannesburg, I experienced total exhaustion and depression.
We are now all supported with tissue salts. My daughter still gets colds, but I trust in the tissue salts, see the effect of reducing the length of the cold or getting through a tough cough and cold without further medication. To further eliminate immune system deterrents I am working on minimizing radiation in our home which has resulted in my daughter sleeping through the night far better than before.
I initially had my doubts as to whether tissue salts would have an effect on my mom, who has been on chronic medication. When treated with the tissue salts she recovers from her colds and coughs in a shorter period of time. If she were able to I am absolutely positive it would help her overall well-being.
My well-being has improved tremendously. My proof of its effectivity is when I run out of my individual mix and am off it for 10 days. I feel certain symptoms sneaking back. I thus feel and know the work they are doing and realize it is a long-term commitment to my personal health.

For several years I have been treating myself with Bach remedies. One day, when I was looking for more information about these Bach remedies I discovered the Dr. Schuessler’s Tissue Salts. As I was interested I started reading a report regarding the treatment of sore feet with TS. For more than 20 years I suffered from pain and a feeling of fatigue in my feet and the medication I took did not make any difference.
A year ago I started taking the Tissue Salts No 1 and the pain in my feet has disappeared.
With this excellent result in mind I started giving TS to my 7 year old son who was suffering from a congested nose. Something that prevented him from breathing normally which in its turn prevented him from sleeping. For several months my son has now been sleeping normally.
You will understand that I am now totally convinced of the beneficial effects of the TS. Even more so because I know that when I take them I will never risk having side effects.


J. N. Cape Town

Amazing how children (and animals) exactly know what they need...

I keep my handful of Tissue Salts in a little bowl (No 3,4,9,10,12) once they have been counted out. My 2year old granddaughter visited and had a streaming cold and a horrible cough. She saw my Tissue Salts and ate the lot (about 30 tablets), next day no cold and no cough. A few days later I offered her some more and got a very polite 'No thank you'.

Dianne Louw, JHB

When my mom was taken ill, I got her to the ICU just in time. Her blood pressure was below 50 and she was dying - the Specialist Physician confirmed this when we went for a follow up appointment last Monday. She had developed Septicaemia and had gone into septic shock. She was also in renal failure. Anyhow after 4 days in ICU and another 5 in hospital, I brought her home because I think from sheer will and a huge positive attitude, she had made a good recovery.

I started her on the Tissue Salts 'Power Mix' immediately and added extra the no 2 & 4 for Anaemia as well as no 6 for energy and memory and Barley Green. She is a changed person to how she was a month before she got ill. She is on no extra medication apart from her blood pressure medication. She's eating well and is maintaining her positive attitude. The specialist could not believe that it was the same person when I took her through for her check up.

So I have to arrive at the conclusion, that with a lot of love, good food, good genes and the Tissue Salts, my mother is getting stronger by the day. Thanks so much for all the valuable information you gave us on the course as well as your notes and your book - the tissue salts have definitely made a difference and speeded her recovery.

Y.d.B. Pretoria

After completing Eva Schoenfeld's Tissue Salts course (Academy of Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis Johannesburg) I have amazing feedback from clients who I am helping with use of facial analysis and advice of Tissue Salts to take.

A 3 months old baby had hiccups often during the day for about 1/2 hour at a time. This is very tiring and as a result she was crying a lot and also had colic. Giving her a tip of a teaspoon of No 8 Mag phos (Tissue Salts Powder) and again 5 minutes later stopped the hiccups. This was repeated every time she had hiccups and a few weeks later she no longer had colic and was a happy smiling baby.

Later I noticed she had pink eyelids and a blocked nose and was once again crying and inconsolable. This happened to be shortly after she was vaccinated and so I recommended No 5 Kali mur, No 9 Nat mur and No 11 Nat sulf which quickly got the toxins out of her system and the blocked nose cleared up.

I can see the positive difference in clients faces and mood shortly after they start taking Tissue Salts. I love noticing these improvements which they themselves are sometimes not yet aware of. Many have also said that they have relieve from pain, headaches, cramps, numbness, pimples and that the feel a lot better and more happy. Reduction of wrinkles, spider veins and pigmentation spots is a huge bonus.

Even with animals the condition of skin, hair, eyes and mouth as well as their mood tells a story of which Tissue Salts they need.

Linda P., Johannesburg

My pictures below, taken at the first and the last day of the JFA course. It's great to have them because you don't see yourself in the mirror in the same light. There is such a diffference in my face. When I think of the money spent on the Solal products prescribed by the endocrinologist and how dreadful I felt on them compared to the miracolous difference the tissue salts have made I could march into the doctors office and punch him on the nose.

Thank you so much Eva for showing us the light.

5.7.linda.jpg   26.7.linda.jpg

The picture below has been taken 3 months later:


A.v.d.W., Johannesburg

I was at the hairdresser the other day, and he was surprised to see all this new hair growth on my head that is a couple of months growth!

Stella Kazazis, Johannesburg

What I have found with tissue salts - since I have started using them regularly since December 2008 - is that I sleep so so so much better - I have always been a bad sleeper - I would wake in the middle of the night and sometimes take hours before I go back to sleep - where now I might wake at 5 or so - but I have had a good full night sleep.
And the other thing I have noticed is - that because of my work - I would suffer with neck & shoulder tension. I used to be a migraine sufferer before I changed my diet - but I had to go for weekly back & neck massages.
Well this year I still haven't been for one - and I only became aware of it when my massage lady phoned to see if I was ok - or if I found someone else. So even though I love my back massages - now they are a treat and not a necessity.
My friend Shelli - that has been taking Tissue Salts Powder since December too - commented to me last month that she realized that her Cellulite has almost all gone - she is so so pleased about that - even though I did not focus on that - she is very tense and moody - so I looked at the face (as you have taught us) and just worked that way.
Thank you for all your hard work and your commitment to teaching people what you know. Looking forward to your book.

L.T., Johannesburg
I had suffered from very bad period pains all my life, since I was 14 years old (and I’m now 41). I often had vomited from pain, I get diarrhea, the pain goes from my stomach down into my legs, and on those days I had to take off work. This most unbearable pain OFTEN arrived on the very day I could least afford it, like on the day of an oral examination (oral as opposed to written),or on holiday while we’re driving in the car far from facilities, or when I have an important appointment. The only painkillers that really helped, are ‘Synflex’ - these contain anti-prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are hormones that cause contractions in childbirth. I normally had to take 2 tabs 3 times a day for 2 days before I would be pain free – and then my stomach was wrecked because it eats the stomach wall (like Ibuprofen or Disprin). So… I started taking 10 tablets of no 8 (Mag Phos) about a week before my period in July 2008. My period arrived while we were on holiday (at a very convenient time) and I could take time off and sleep. I only had to take 2 tabs twice a day and the pain was slightly less than normal. After that I started taking 15 tablets of Mag Phos a day. Then in August, my period was vastly more bearable, and the same happened in September 2008. I only have to take the painkillers once now, and the rest of the time I do feel twinges but it’s bearable. It’s a tremendous change for me, because for years it felt like my periods were ruling my life! Another benefit I’ve realised is the fact that the flow is a lot less ‘clotty’ – which is probably why it’s less painful as well. I have hope now that I can be painfree and am looking forward to next month to see the improvements!

Another improvement I’ve noticed after I started taking Tissue Salts, is that I’m feeling less anxious about many issues. I was in a bad car accident about 15 years ago, and have noticed the past 5 years or so, that I mostly have a mental picture of cars crashing into each other when I approach a traffic light. I’ve done a lot of ‘work’ (EFT, Repatterning) for this and it didn’t seem to make difference right away. Recently I suddenly noticed that I no longer have those thoughts! I’m also feeling a lot less fearful about having to have things ‘perfect’ in case someone disapproves of me. I present workshops often and used to be terribly afraid that something will go wrong and that people won’t enjoy the workshop or they’ll think badly of me. Those feelings have almost disappeared. I don’t know which TS has made the difference. I’m currently taking 15 a day of numbers 2, 8, 9, 10, and 11 and lesser amounts of each of the others, and have been taking them for almost 3 months now.

D.H., Johannesburg
I have found that my psoriasis clears up quite nicely with the tissue salts, thanks a lot. The recommended Psoriasis combination of Tissue Salts is No 3 Calc sulf, 7 Kali sulf, 8 Mag phos, 9 Nat mur, 11 Nat sulf, 26 Selenium. I was so glad that I now could use the Tissue Salts Powder (ony available @ the Academy), it is so much easier to take.

J.B., Johannesburg
I had no hope anymore, every Doctor I went told me that I am uncureable. After listening to a talk of Eva Schoenfeld about Tissue Salts I knew that I will go and have a Facial Analysis. I have now taken Tissue Salts for about half an year and most of my complaints has slowly disappeared. My skin was very impure, my sense of taste and smell almost gone, I had lots of allergies and many more ailments. My quality and joy of life have improved so much - I am so happy about it – many thanks.

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