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Online Assessments

Online assessments for humans (and on special request for pets) - the easy way to discover causes for health disturbances and how to get back into well-being.

If the distance is too far and I can't do a personal naturopathic consultation (humans or pets), I suggest to do an online assessment.

The ATIFA Online Assessment is an easy way to detect mineral deficiencies on a cell level. The assessment consists of a Facial Analysis & Tissue Salt consultation via pictures and questionnaire including an online support of the process during a few weeks.

Tissue Salts are working with the cause and not the symptom, hence to reverse any health disturbance might take some time and foremost your determination to follow the protocol. During this process you can email your queries about the current situation and whatever comes up; I will support you on your journey.

Please pay the online assessment fee €120  (Dogs €35) via PayPal:

Choose online assessment and send the proof of payment to:

and I will email the questionnaire with all needed info and guidelines.

Some testimonials:

Working with Eva is not just about getting a analysis of the appropriate tissue (Schuessler) salts for your body & mind to recover from whatever conditions or symptoms you may be suffering (which in itself is amazing), but it is about receiving full holistic support in every area of your life that may be affecting your well-being. Eva dissects meticulously all your information from the assessment to give you an outstanding idea of improvements you can make way beyond tissue salts to support your path to feel at your best!
We are parents to 2 children 4 & 2 years old and were advised by a very special healer we trust to try tissue salts on our 2 year old daughter who was born with some serious congenital heart disease conditions that also affect her lungs. We simply hoped for a natural means to support her system to heal or at least be at its best condition where conventional medicine did not give us solutions or even hope for improvement. But after her assessment we soon realized how many conditions which we often take as "given" could be improved and we all went in.
In as little as 2 months we not only felt much better, but we looked so different as a reflection of everything that was changed within us (which is the part that serves as proof to others that this really works!). Amongst many "miracles", our son had chronic undigested stool and up to 7 specialists did not make anything out of it even though we did a micro-biome test which showed clear dysbiosis, yet despite all our efforts with gut healing foods, probiotics, ferments etc he did not improve until he started taking TS and his condition completely reversed in as little as 3 months! Our daughter's most threatening condition is going into "remission" as doctors describe it and she is vibrant, happy and active and we know the TS are fully supporting her as I do kinesiology (muscle testing) and test her daily and I am aware of her needs for them.
We completely believe in the power these minerals have on our health and we trust Eva to accurately decipher which ones we need and to support us on our journey overcoming obstacles as they present themselves. She'll come out of her way and dig in to really try to get to the root cause of whatever issue that may be going on! What more can you ask for? Thank you Eva for supporting us on our journey to get to a place of True Well-being to make the most of this life experience!
E.T. Madrid/Spain

Just a quick note to say what I am noticing after one month of taking Tissue Salts... the ridges on nails fading, red neck fading, face skin tone looking a lot better, noticing my body is craving the minerals more each day... there seems to be an ebb & flow to this... haven't quite figured it all out, but know that my body is very happy with the Tissue Salts... it is eager to get up to a regular daily amount is what I keep hearing.
Noticing intuition improving... does this relate more to inner light or the pineal gland being supported by salts? Itchy skin is becoming infrequent, eye balls seem healthier. Still having craving for food over all, nothing specific just want to eat more... Feeling stronger in subtle way with emotional issues... Slowly memory is improving...
It really is incredible Eva to have this experience - thank you so much!!!

M.M. Nova Scotia / Canada

Video about Facial Analysis & Tissue Salts (South Africa 2014):

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