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Online Assessments

Online assessments for humans (and on special request for pets) - the easy way to discover causes for health disturbances and how to get back into well-being.

If the distance is too far and I can't do a personal naturopathic consultation (humans or pets), I suggest to do an online assessment.

The ATIFA Online Assessment is an easy way to detect mineral deficiencies on a cell level. The assessment consists of a Facial Analysis & Tissue Salt consultation via pictures and questionnaire including an online support of the process during a few weeks.

Tissue Salts are working with the cause and not the symptom, hence to reverse any health disturbance might take some time and foremost your determination to follow the protocol. During this process you can email your queries about the current situation and whatever comes up; I will support you on your journey.

Please pay the online assessment fee €120  (Dogs €35) via PayPal:

Choose online assessment and send the proof of payment to:

and I will email the questionnaire with all needed info and guidelines.


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