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Animal Health

Tissue Salts are beneficial for human beings as well as for animals. It doesn't matter if it is a horse, a cow, a dog, a cat or a bird... The only distinction is the different amount of minerals provided in relation to the size of the animal.

The online course: Animals & Tissue Salts !

Take the freedom to choose the time to study; you don't have to travel anywhere, you don't need to take time off...

This online correspondence course provides insights into complementary natural treatments for animals and is designed for anyone interested in pet's health. Animal's needs are very similar to human's, hence you will benefit from this course also for your own health; learn about prevention, causes of mineral deficiencies and how to treat them.


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Das 2008 in Oesterreich publizierte Buch ‘Schuessler Salze und mein Hund’ von Eva F. Schoenfeld ist erhaeltlich:

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Skin and health problems

Read the wonderful story of a spanish dog here:


Hip Displasia

A while ago we created a wonderful Tissue Salt Mixture for all dogs with 'Hip Displasia' - and we have lots of success. Please contact us:


Acid pee on grass

A friend of a client had a question as to which Tissue salt would help her dog with a specific problem. The dog’s urine was burning the grass and leaving yellow patches on the green lawn. This was a huge problem since they were selling the house and having people over to view the property. I suggested using No 10 Nat Phos to balance the pH of the dog and thus have a less acidic urine. She gave it a try and was amazed to see that it worked and the dog’s urine now no longer burns the grass. YdB, Pretoria


Racing pigeons are successful!

About 3 or 4 weeks ago, my dad bought a Sports Mix for his racing pigeons. He has been sprinkling a bit on their food everyday and on Sunday 2 of them came in at 2nd and 3rd in a race (which they didn't before.) He's VERY happy and this just proves how quickly Tissue Salts work! I'm so intrigued and impressed.
I would also just like to thank you again for everything. Tissue Salts have changed my life drastically - on a personal and professional level. I'm feeling so good! So thank you.
T.M. Durban 

A wonderful testimonial

Last Thursday, my 2 dogs, Lucky (Boerboel mix) and Socks (Rhodesian Ridgeback) had a little go at each other – I separated them quickly, checked both dogs for injuries – nothing.

On Saturday morning, Socks suddenly had a lump at the base of his tail which grew to fist size by Sunday afternoon. Until Sunday late afternoon there was no wound or any skin disturbance visible. On Sunday morning I started feeding him tissue salt # 12 and 10 and kept “dousing” the lump with the same mix plus putting #12 and #10 Tissue Salt Cream on. From 3pm on the lump starting swelling even bigger and a tiny puncture wound started being visible. The swelling went all the way down to the tip of the tail.

I phoned the vet and described the scenario – but wasn’t too keen on the surcharge for after hours. They said as long as he doesn’t become lethargic or running a temperature I can just monitor him at home and bring him in on Monday morning.

At 4 pm the little hole started oozing clear fluid and at 5pm the abscess burst. I kept dousing the wound with Tissue Salt #12 and 10 and added #4 as the whole area was fire red. A second whole appeared and by 7pm the lump was completely gone, the tail down to normal size and Socks had a lecker meal and was only slightly irritated by the dripping of fluid along his tail. More tissue salts with his food, more Tissue Salt creams before we went to bed and this morning all seemed back to normal.

The trip to the vet showed that he had had an enormous abscess and the vet refused to believe that it opened by itself without the dog getting seriously ill and running a temperature. I told him that I had treated him with Tissue Salts – comment: well – maybe it opened by itself ….. They shaved the area and all there’s left is a bit of redness and a tiny bit of oozing. I am giving him the prescribed antibiotics – just to make sure all bacteria will leave. Otherwise he is as good as new.

BS, Johannesburg


Itchy ear

When my Bouvier had an itch attack of his left ear I gave him ½ teaspoon of No 10, Nat Phos, which calmed him down in 2 minutes and allowed him to go back to sleep. Otherwise he would continue scratching, shaking his head and rubbing his ear on the carpet and walls. Thankfully Tissue Salts give this quick natural problem solver. (sent by YdB, Pretoria)


Fish tank

My friend who is using the Tissue Salt Powder 'Maintenance' in the fish tank phoned me today. She did not have to put acid neutralizer in the water now and when she put the Tissue Salt powder in the clean water the fish came and ate it before it dissolved. The fish are doing well. (sent by YdB)



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