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Animals & Tissue Salts

This one module course is for pet lovers, wanting to take care for the health of their furry friends.

Details of the correspondence course:
The course consists of one module and is designed to accomplish at a self-learning pace.

Definition of the E-Learning program:

Animals & Tissue Salts # 1-12
Causes of mineral deficiencies
Recognition of a deficiency
Immune system
Vitamins & food supplements
Different ways to dose Tissue Salts to animals
Duration of treatments
External applications
Tasks of Tissue Salts

No 1 Calcium fluoratum
No 2 Calcium phosphoricum
No 3 Calcium sulphuricum
No 4 Ferrum phosphoricum
No 5 Kalium muriaticum
No 6 Kalium phosphoricum
No 7 Kalium sulphuricum
No 8 Magnesium phosphoricum
No 9 Natrium muriaticum
No 10 Natrium phosphoricum
No 11 Natrium sulphuricum
No 12 Silicea

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Recommended supportive books:
'Second Chance – regain health with Tissue Salts’ by Eva F. Schoenfeld PhD, ISBN 978-0-620-43937-4 also available as a Kindle edition:


'Schuessler-Salze und mein Hund' von Eva F. Schoenfeld PhD, ISBN 978-3-9502148-3-3
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