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Psychosomatics & Tissue Salts (former Level 3)

This is a one module course and will be interesting for people wanting to know more about the connection between humans, behavior and health.

Details of the correspondence course:
There is a connection between minerals and specific character structures. With the material of this course you can discover the human system consisting of several layers or levels and how they are all interrelated. Manifested mineral deficiencies can cause compulsive behavior and vice versa.

The course consists of one module and is designed to accomplish at a self-learning pace.

Definition of the E-Learning program
No 1 Calcium fluoratum – I am not good enough
No 2 Calcium phosphoricum – I fear about my life
No 3 Calcium sulphuricum – I go unnoticed
No 4 Ferrum phosphoricum – I am overheated
No 5 Kalium muriaticum – I am battling with my emotions
No 6 Kalium phosphoricum – I am perfect and self-righteous
No 7 Kalium sulphuricum – I have no personal needs and desires
No 8 Magnesium phosphoricum – I am embarrassed
No 9 Natrium muriaticum – I am inflexible, rigid and stubborn
No 10 Natrium phosphoricum – I am acidic
No 11 Natrium sulphuricum – I am angry
No 12 Silicea – I am a harmony freak

Separation of body-mind-soul
Ancestors cell memory / Epigenetics
Fear / Emotional response / Biochemical reaction
What happens in the womb – and during childhood?
Neglecting the signs
Holistic approach


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Recommended supportive books:
Second Chance – regain health with Tissue Salts’ by Eva F. Schoenfeld PhD, ISBN 978-0-620-43937-4 also available as a Kindle edition:

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