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Level 2 Course Facial Analysis & Tissue Salts # 13-27(28-33)

* The course material includes the extension to all 33 Tissue Salts (exclusive) The facial and physical signs of the so called higher Tissue Salt numbers are described and ample explained by pictures.

Details of the correspondence course
Once you have gained the basic knowledge of Level 1 you are eligible to continue your studies with the fascinating higher numbers. The additional Tissue Salts are very helpful with more modern health disturbances; as an exclusive novelty we include the lately by the European Biochemical Associations discovered Tissue Salts #28-33.

This E-course consists of four modules; it is designed to accomplish at a self-learning pace in maximum 6 months.

Content of the 4 modules - Facial Analysis & Tissue Salts # 13-33

No 13 Kalium arsenicosum
No 14 Kalium bromatum
No 15 Kalium jodatum
No 16 Lithium muriaticum (chloratum)
No 17 Manganum sulfuricum
No 18 Calcium sulfuratum
No 19 Cuprum arsenicosum
No 20 Kalium aluminium sulfuricum
No 21 Zincum muriaticum (chloratum)
No 22 Calcium carbonicum
No 23 Natrium bicarbonicum
No 24 Arsenum jodatum
No 25 Aurum muriaticum (chloratum) natronatum
No 26 Selenium
No 27 Kalium bichromicum
No 28 Natrium vanadinicum
No 29 Cobaltum metallicum
No 30 Niccolum sulfuricum
No 31 Stannum metallicum
No 32 Natrium tetraboracicum
No 33 Molybdenum sulfuratum

General introduction, additional history of Tissue Salts
Biochemical connections, deposits in body
Causes and grades of deficiencies
Facial and physical signs
Relation to the basic Tissue Salts # 1-12
Identification of facial and physical signs by means of photos
Tissue Salts and complementing Vitamins and Food supplements
Sample ‘Dosage Plan for Facial Analysis TS # 1-33’
Final evaluation

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