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Facial signs are telling us a lot about the general situation of a human being. If our cells do not have a sufficient amount of minerals available, many functions will be slowed down, there is low voltage. This can show as tiredness, obesity, digestive disturbances, impure skin, headache and many more effects. Minerals are fundamental to the effective functioning of the entire body, since our physical body is literally built out of minerals plus carbon and nitrogen. An indication of a mineral deficiency is reflecting in face, body and as psychosomatic disturbances.

ATIFA Online Courses

Facilitator: Dr Eva F. Schoenfeld


IMPORTANT: Please note that the information on this website or from our courses is not intended to diagnose, treat nor cure disease, but is for information purposes only to enhance wellbeing. Consult your practitioner if you think you have a medical condition.


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The entire educational material about Facial Analysis & Tissue Salts is offered as online correspondence courses:



Level 1 Course Facial Analysis & Tissue Salts # 1-12

Comprehensive description of the facial and physical signs of the first 12 Tissue Salts are ample explained by pictures.

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Level 2 Course Facial Analysis & Tissue Salts # 13-27(28-33)

* The course material includes the extension to all 33 Tissue Salts (exclusive) The facial and physical signs of the so called higher Tissue Salt numbers are described and ample explained by pictures.

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Psychosomatics & Tissue Salts (former Level 3)

This is a one module course and will be interesting for people wanting to know more about the connection between humans, behavior and health.

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Animals & Tissue Salts

This one module course is for pet lovers, wanting to take care for the health of their furry friends.

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