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The Zapper's interior

Function and interior of the ATIFA Zapper

The basis of the ATIFA Zapper consists of an electronic circuit that produces a 15Hz pulsed direct current. The device is operated with an accumulator and the red lamp confirms the active function.

Two silver skin contact electrodes transmit weak electrical impulses to the skin.

Inside of the zapper is a powerful neodymium magnet. As early as in the past, magnetic stones were used as a remedy in magnetic therapy. There are many studies to confirm a healing effect of magnets.
Blood is an electrolyte, a conductive liquid, containing large amounts of ions (positively or negatively charged), such as sodium, phosphorus, or potassium. These in turn are to be influenced by the applied magnetic fields and influence chemical and physical processes in the cells. This should have a positive effect on the organism.

Healing stones
The inlets for the electrodes lead directly through two healing stones, which are said to have a health promoting effect. Application of healing stones has a thousand years old tradition in all cultures.

Amethyst: The amethyst is said to have extremely diverse healing effects, which build on its cleansing effect. The amethyst is supposed to influence energies positively, produce harmony, promote mental clarity and soul peace, as well as anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving.

Mountain crystal: The mountain crystal is the most powerful of all the healing stones. It acts in many ways positively and is used everywhere where it is about cleansing and calming. Accordingly, it is said, that it promotes mental and physical vitality.


Other accessories: USB power supply, charger, accumulator battery, elastic armband.

Optimal use of the ATIFA Zapper
For a positive result, the use of min. 60 minutes per day at least over a period of about 4 weeks or even daily is recommended.
Alternatively, it can also be used in 3 phases: zapping 7 minutes, 20 minutes break, zapping 7 minutes, 20 minutes break and a last zapping for 7 minutes.

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