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Why do we have parasites?

Many people are convinced, that they never will have parasites, but they are just about everywhere. Either you receive them from other people, also family members, from the house, from your pets, from eating (i.e. not sufficiently cooked meat or dairy products. A parasite transmission can happen by kissing or having sex, from mother's milk, nursing etc.

What are parasites?

As parasites count: microparasites like bacteria (salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus), virus and protozoas (unicellular organism like Giardia lamblia, amoebia);
Macroparasites like metazoan (multicellular organism), worms (flatworms, nematodes, roundworms), leech, mold and fungi.

A regular treatment is recommended for every pet owner, in order to get rid of the naturally transmitted parasites. Pets are part of the family and should be treated the same way. The following program can be applied for pets, by attaching the zapper on their paws or on little hairy spots.

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The problematic use of Antibiotics
There will is usually an intake of antibiotics during several weeks In order to eliminate parasites from our system. In most cases the parasites are looking for a weakened host with a debilitated immune system, that too often goes along with an acidic body. Unfortunately the antibiotics are weakening the system even more. This is creating a vicious circle as the intake of such strong chemicals is destroying the gut flora, which is paving the path for future illnesses. The ATIFA Zapper can be used as a natural antibiotics.

How is the Zapper working?
Parasites and diseased tissue in the body are positively charged - on the other hand healthy tissue is negatively charged. The utilization of the Zapper is generating additional negative ions via skin into the body. This is changing the polarity and removes the parasite's livelihood, therefore the parasites cannot survive what allows diseased tissue to heal.

The elimination of parasites by using weak electric currents has already been discovered by many researchers. Dr Hulda Clark, a canadian naturopath, and her son have worked on this topic for several years. Their decades-long scientific work resulted in clear insights, which were made accessible to us in various books.

We have made use of this knowledge, therefore the ATIFA Zapper works with an identical circuit. It is important to know, that the utilization of the ATIFA Zapper will not alter the body's natural magnetic field polarity and no cells are attacked.

All parasites and diseased tissue are positively charged, healthy tissue is negatively charged. The Zapper introduces negative ions through the skin into the living body tissue and kills the parasites by reversing their polarity. Parasites do not only die, when exposed to electricity, but dissolve and are assimilated or excreted as simple nutrients.

This is accomplished by effectively moving the weak current through the skin, which acts as a capacitor of the body and protects it from accidental electrical charges, such as electrostatics, which would otherwise damage us.
The Zapper frequency will neither reach the inside of the eyeball, the kidney/bile stones, the testes or the gastrointestinal area, so the intestinal flora remains intact.

No drugs are needed for healing, but instead a higher cell voltage in order to make new cells that work for your healing. Low voltage means that the cells have not sufficient horsepower to work and not sufficient energy to get rid of toxins. Disease and healing are controlled by voltage!
An increase of voltage can happen once the parasites are eliminated, as they are a huge strain for the entire Organism.

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