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ATIFA Naturopathy

ATIFA in Arabic means 'kind'. With the quality and effect of minerals we invite you to 'Be kind to yourself'.

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Before Tissue Salts 2004
2009 + 2012 - still taking Tissue Salts
No foundation on all pictures!


The missing link - Tissue Salts!

Basically our body can only be healthy if our cells are healthy and therefore a sufficient supply of minerals in our cells is needed.



indicates a disturbed cell-life!


Do you suffer from:

Always tired, fatigue, not sleeping well, not rested in the morning?
Acidity and digestive problems?
Asthma, Bronchitis, coughs?
Brittle, weak nails, thin and greasy hair?
Cold hands and feet, running nose, often a cold?
Cracked heels?
Dry skin, impure skin (pimples, acne)?
Headaches, migraines?
Menstruation issues?
Prostate problems?
Spider bursts, Varicose veins?
A Facial Analysis can tell you which minerals your body is missing in order to work properly - the blood count can’t!



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